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AR / Augmented Reality ) Games

AR / Augmented Reality ) Games

Participants: Unlimted Duration: Unlimted Event Location: Indoor / Outdoor

AR is a kind of real-time and interactive experience created by combining the physical elements we perceive in the world around us with data from computer-based graphics, video, audio, GPS etc.

Instead of involving participants in a simulation, we strengthen the link between technology and people in events by enriching the existing reality.

We create brand-specific editing from smartphones, tablet devices or smart glasses such as Hololens, Magic Leap, and allow all participants to experience it.



  • Brand-specific game development.
  • Brand-specific logo placement, graphical design and game design.
  • Necessary equipment.
  • Competition and determining the best score design in the game.
  • 1 technical staff takes charge during the event.