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Brain Wawe Games

Brain Wawe Games

Participants: 2 pax Duration: Unlimited Event Location: Indoor / Outdoor

The brain power device is the technology that enables the movement within the game depending on the parameters of the participants such as concentration.

By measuring the concentration of people in different concepts such as scoring goals, car racing, and keeping the ball in the air, realizing points-based contests in the game is implemented with the software we developed.

The object moving in the game can be customized to be ball, airplane, car, gift box etc. according to the needs of the brand.

 Based on these, activities can be created with many different game designs as two persons or one person can play.

• Opportunity to develop brand-specific game.

• Brand-specific logo placement, graphical design and game design.

• Necessary equipment.

• Brand-specific booth design and wrapping.

• Competition and determining the best score in the game design.

  • Football with Brain Waves
  • Brain Waves Automat
  • Slot Car With Brain Wave
  • Car Race With Brain Wave
  • Ball In The Air Game With Brain Wave
  • Brain Art Picture