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Recycling Automat

Recycling Automat

Recycling Automat

Participants: Unlimited Duration: Unlimited Event Location: Indoor / Outdoor

Support the recycling movement!

The Recycling Vending Machine prepared specifically for the brand is positioned in the event area throughout the event period.

Any recyclable material used in presentations, activities and hospitality during the event can be collected in the Recycling Vending Machine.

Participants earn points for each recyclable material they throw in the automata throughout the event period.

During the event, the data of the participants are recorded and the most successful participant is awarded as a result of the event.

  • Brand-specific game design
  • Brand-specific logo placement for the game
  • Brand-specific booth design and wrapping
  • 1 technical staff takes charge during the event
  • Competition and determining the best score in the game design