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Company Masterpiece

Company Masterpiece

Company Masterpiece

Participants: 10 -100 Duration: 1 - 2 hours Event Location: Indoor

Create an epic masterpiece and create a stronger, more effective team in this process!

In Company Masterpiece, teams create a large and impressive masterpiece in communication with each other.

Participants which leaving teams, are responsible for painting one or more canvases.

Teams are asked to paint the canvases that form parts of an image determined by the company.

When the time is up, all the canvases are combined with a perfect finale for creating an impressive masterpiece.

  • Event Type: Indoor
  • The Number Of Participants: 10-1000
  • Duration Of Event: 90 min. - 180 min.
  • Gains: Communication, Creativity, Motivation, Team Work, Self-reliance