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Participants: 10 - 1000 Duration: 60 - 180 min Event Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Our wonderful progress meeting was noticed by competing companies!

There is a bomb in the secret compartment of the meeting and we only have 2 hours to defuse the bomb…

The participants, who are divided into teams, start the game with the first clue they get from the team assistants and set out to destroy the bomb.

In this adventure, which is specially prepared in accordance with the company culture, many special fictions such as company values, important dates and product information will be encountered.

Teams set out to destroy the bomb will realize that they must support each other in the final and will go to the next level to break this special tier bomb.

  • Event Type: Indoor/Outdoor
  • The Number Of Participants: 10-1000
  • Duration Of Event: 90 min. - 180 min.
  • Gains: Communication, Resource Management, Motivation, Coordination, Creativity, Project Planning