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Participants: 10 - 1000 Duration: 60 - 90 min Event Location: Indoor

Team Silhouette Activity creates awareness among participants that they are 'part of a team'.

They are asked to introduce themselves with the Individual Silhouette.

And then with the Team Silhouette, "What would this team be like if it were a person?" They are expected to find the answer to the question.

Team Silhouette plays a strong and effective role in adopting common features, values, vision, short and long term goals.

The activity will enable sharing and interaction within the team, creating an interactive environment where common perspectives can be shared easily.

  • Event Type: Indoor
  • The Number Of Participants: 10-1000
  • Duration Of Event: 60 min. - 90 min.
  • Gains: Communication, Cooperation, Team Work, Motivation, Self-confidence