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Digital Running Parkour

Digital Running Parkour

Digital Running Parkour

Participants: 1 pax Duration: Unlimited Event Location: Indoor / Outdoor

Participants climb to the treadmill in the event area and compete with other participants in the running track integrated to the screen.

The running track can be 100 meters, 200 meters or as long as you want and a brand logo can be placed inside the track.

Special prizes are given to the winner of the foot race. 

Digital running track is a sport activity where participants have fun while sharing the excitement of running with others by pushing their limits in foot races.

  • Brand-specific logo placement, graphical design and game design.
  • Necessary equipment and setup.
  • Competition and determining the best score in the game design.
  • Brand-specific booth design and wrapping.
  • 1 technical staff takes charge during the event.