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Table Soccer VR

Table Soccer VR

Participants: 4 pax Duration: Unlimited Event Location: Indoor / Outdoor

Table Soccer VR Event Activity: This activity is an activity that 2 or 4 people can play at the same time. Participants wear VR glasses and find themselves inside a virtual 3D football stadium. They experience real football enthusiasm with special animations and effects. The audience is enthusiastic by watching the game layouts on the LED screens installed in the field.

Each game and fiction is presented with special content. Participants who try to achieve the highest score by competing in fictions complete the game at the end of the determined period.

  • Placing a brand-specific logo on the advertising boards in the game, design and editing
  • Necessary equipment and full setup (Vr glasses, tv, pc etc.)
  • Brand-specific stand design and cladding
  • Competition and best score determination in the game